Best French Bulldog car seat

In this article, I will talk about the best car seats for French Bulldogs, drawing from a mix of personal experiences with ones I’ve tried myself and recommendations sourced from fellow French Bulldog owners.

This comprehensive exploration aims to guide you towards optimal choices that prioritize both safety and comfort for your beloved Frenchie during car journeys.


  • K&H Bucket Booster

The Frenchie car seat that stands out with the most positive reviews is the K&H Bucket Booster, and you can easily find all my suggested options on Amazon.

This particular seat excels in meeting all the criteria I look for in a French Bulldog car booster. It offers an elevated view, adjustable security leashes, washable materials for easy maintenance, and comes with the added assurance of a one-year warranty. Additionally

Key Features:

  • Suitable for both front and back seats? Yes
  • Washable cover? Yes
  • Elevated view? Yes
  • Dual security belts? Yes
  • Collapsible design? No
  • Comfort features: 3-inch foam cushioning
  • GENORTH Small Dog Car Seats for Small Dogs

For those who prioritize convenience and storage in a French Bulldog car seat and harness, the Genorth Deluxe, available on Amazon, is a fitting choice. Its collapsible design allows for quick and easy packing, making it ideal for those with large families or active lifestyles.

This seat ensures security by enabling you to attach a belt to your Frenchie’s harness or collar. While it may not be the most comfortable option, adding a cushion can enhance your pet’s experience.

Key Features Include:

  • Suitable for both front and back seats? Yes
  • Washable cover? Yes
  • Elevated view? No
  • Dual security belts? Yes
  • Collapsible design? Yes
  • Comfort features: Includes a complimentary fleece blanket
  • Snoozer Lookout I Pet Car Seat

For those seeking optimal comfort for their Frenchie during travels, consider Amazon’s Snoozer 2. This seat boasts a lamb’s wool interior to keep your pet warm and cozy throughout the entire car journey, possibly even lulling them to sleep until you reach your destination.

Available in various colors to match your car’s trim, the Snoozer 2 connects to your vehicle’s seat belt, providing peace of mind and security.

Key Features:

  • Fits in front and back seats? Yes
  • Washable cover? Yes (though the inner core foam is too large for a washing machine)
  • Elevated view? Yes
  • Dual security belts? No
  • Collapsible design? No
  • Comfort features: Lamb’s wool and quality foam
  • PetSafe Happy Ride Quilted Booster Seat

For budget-conscious Frenchie owners, the most economical choice I came across is the Solvit Booster Seat, readily available on Amazon. This option is quite basic, equipped with just one belt, which may not provide the same level of security as some pricier alternatives. However, its affordability compensates for this drawback.

Installing this Frenchie car booster seat involves threading the top strap around the seat’s headrest, unlike some other options that clip into seat belts.


Key Features:

  • Fits in front and back seats? Yes (provided there are headrests)
  • Washable cover? Yes
  • Elevated view? Yes
  • Dual security belts? No
  • Collapsible design? Yes
  • Comfort features: Quilted lining and microsuede


  • Limited security with only one belt
  • Installation involves threading the top strap rather than clipping into seat belts
  • FikaGO Sway Dog Car Seat

When it comes to your furry friend’s safety, comfort, and style, the FikaGO Sway Dog Car Seat leaves no room for compromises. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pet carrier strikes the perfect balance between these essential elements.

Key Features:

  1. Safety First: The FikaGO Sway prioritizes your pet’s safety with its sturdy hard-sided frame. This design not only enhances protection during travels but also features a specially reinforced bottom for added strength. The internal leash hook ensures your pet stays secure at all times.

  2. Comfort is a Must: Your pet’s comfort is paramount. Ventilation windows provide a breathable environment, and the carrier can be fully closed for privacy, catering especially to nervous pups and kitties. The additional inner padding, easily cleanable, ensures a cozy space for your pet’s utmost relaxation.

  3. Style is a Plus: Elevate your pet’s travel in style with the FikaGO Sway. The carrier boasts a modern Nordic design, adorned with unique embroidered patches and a chic leather handle. With UPF 50 Sun protection, it’s not just a carrier; it’s a style statement that allows you to showcase your pet during walks or rides.

  4. Smart Design to Simplify Every Ride: Convenience is key, and the FikaGO Sway is designed with that in mind. It easily folds for storage, and the zipless auto-click system ensures hassle-free usage. Plus, with additional accessories like Souffle available, every journey becomes a breeze.


Choosing the right car seat for your French Bulldog involves considering several crucial factors. Before making a decision from the dog car seats listed above, it’s essential to keep the following points in mind.


Safety Considerations:

The paramount concern is the safety of your Frenchie once secured in the seat and car. This involves evaluating how well the booster seat clips into both rear and front seats and how effectively it restrains your Frenchie during drives.

Optimal booster seats will feature adjustable harnesses or leashes that securely restrain your dog.

Additionally, it’s crucial to select a seat that firmly attaches to your existing seat belts or includes an extra belt for additional security, which can be fastened to the seat’s headrest.

Comfort and Size:

Ensuring yourFrenchie is comfortable and calm in the seat is vital for successful adaptation. The seat should allow enough room for your dog to either lie down or sit up comfortably.

If the seat is too small, it may induce anxiety, restricting your Frenchie’s ability to find a comfortable position.

Additionally, you may want to consider a booster seat that offers an elevated position, allowing your pup to look out of the window.

While this feature is desirable, it’s not essential, and some dogs may even experience car sickness from this elevated view.

Highlighting the Significance of Dog Car Seats and Harnesses


Like I wrote earlier, a substantial 80% of dog owners travel with their pets in the car, yet a concerning 84% of them fail to safely restrain their dogs while driving.

Additionally, 20% of dog owners admit to being distracted by their canine companions during travel, such as dogs attempting to climb into the front seat, requiring the driver to divert attention from the wheel. This practice is not only highly dangerous but is also deemed illegal in certain US states and the UK, as detailed in my guide on French Bulldogs and car riding regulations.

Now, let’s delve into the sobering reality of a car accident involving an unrestrained Frenchie. According to CNN, in a collision at just 30 miles per hour, a small 10-pound dog can exert a staggering 300 pounds of pressure. Without the protection of a car seat or harness, envision the potential harm not only to your beloved dog but also to the driver and passengers.

Further emphasizing the risks, the Allianz website asserts that an unrestrained dog can be propelled forward at a force equivalent to 40 times its weight. Considering the average weight of a French Bulldog at 28 pounds, this translates to a formidable impact force of 1,120 pounds – a force capable of causing fatal consequences.

French Bulldog Car Seats FAQs


What are the key safety considerations when choosing a car seat for my French Bulldog?

Ensuring proper restraint and secure attachment to the vehicle are crucial safety considerations. Look for options with adjustable harnesses, leashes, and a reliable connection to existing seat belts.

Are car seats necessary for French Bulldogs during car rides?

Yes, car seats are highly recommended for French Bulldogs. They enhance safety by preventing the pet from becoming a potential projectile in case of sudden stops or accidents.

Is it legal to drive with an unrestrained French Bulldog in the car?

In many places, it is illegal to drive with an unrestrained pet. Laws may vary, so it’s essential to check local regulations. In the UK and some US states, it’s mandatory to properly restrain dogs while driving.

How do I choose the right size of car seat for my French Bulldog?

Ensure the car seat provides enough room for your French Bulldog to lie down or sit comfortably. It should be appropriately sized to match your Frenchie’s dimensions and weight.

Can car seats for French Bulldogs fit in both front and back seats?

Many car seats are designed to fit in both front and back seats, but it’s crucial to check the specific product details. Some may require headrests for proper installation.

Are there specific features I should look for to keep my French Bulldog comfortable during car rides?

Yes, consider features such as ventilation, washable covers, and additional padding for comfort. An elevated view might also be desirable for some dogs, although it’s not a necessity for everyone.

Can car seats for French Bulldogs be collapsed for storage?

Not all car seats are collapsible, so it’s important to check the product specifications. Some models are designed for easy folding, making storage more convenient.

Are there any recommendations for French Bulldog car seats with a stylish design?

Yes, some car seats come with stylish designs, unique patterns, or fashionable elements. Look for options that not only prioritize safety and comfort but also reflect your personal style preferences


In conclusion, I am delighted to have shared these valuable insights and information about French Bulldog car seats. Prioritizing the safety, comfort, and style of our furry companions during car rides is crucial, and I hope this article has provided helpful guidance in selecting the right car seat for your beloved French Bulldog. Safe travels and happy journeys with your Beloved friend.