How To Pick Up And Hold A French Bulldog

Embracing cuddles with your endearing Frenchie is a heartwarming experience they often cherish. However, given their delicate build, it’s crucial to master the art of lifting them properly.

Do you find your Frenchie enjoying cuddle sessions? Most likely, yes. Yet, there are moments when lifting becomes necessary to facilitate these cozy bonding times.

Throughout this article, we’ll delve into essential knowledge regarding the correct techniques for picking up your French Bulldog.

Many ingrained carrying habits can inadvertently cause discomfort and pain, such as gripping them by the scruff.

Understanding these dos and don’ts is vital as a caretaker for your beloved Frenchie.

Get ready to explore the ten tips to lift your French Bulldog correctly and ensure their safety and comfort.

Understanding the French Bulldog’s Build

What is unique about a French Bulldog’s physique?

French Bulldogs possess a compact, muscular build with a hefty chest and a sturdy frame.

Their unique body structure requires careful handling to prevent strain or injury.

Why is it essential to consider their physical build when picking them up?

Understanding their body structure is vital to avoid putting unnecessary stress on their joints or spine while lifting them.


Preparation Before Lifting

What should you consider before picking up a French Bulldog?

Before lifting a French Bulldog, ensure that the area is clear of obstacles to avoid accidents. Also, approach them calmly and let them know you’re about to lift them.

Is it necessary to ensure that the French Bulldog is comfortable with being picked up?

Yes, it’s crucial to gauge their comfort level with handling. Gradually acclimate them to being lifted by using positive reinforcement and gentle touches.

10 Expert Techniques for Properly Lifting a French Bulldog

1. Communicate Before You Lift

Let your French Bulldog know you’re about to pick them up. Use verbal cues like “up” or “lift,” or offer a clear statement such as “I’m going to pick you up now.” Additionally, utilize physical cues like stretching your arms outward to communicate your intentions before attempting to lift them.

2. Correct Positioning Matters

Position your Frenchie so that their head faces toward your non-dominant side. If you’re right-handed, have them face sideways, with their head toward your left and their bottom toward your right.

3. Scoop and Cradle Technique

Bend at the knees and slide your non-dominant arm under their chest, behind the front legs, while gently resting your hand on the side of their chest facing away from you. Simultaneously, use your dominant arm to support their hindquarters, holding their bottom against the inside of your forearm.

4. Embrace Closeness

As you stand up, hug your Frenchie close to your body—ensure they feel secure but not overly constrained. Dogs dislike the feeling of instability, so maintain a confident hold to instill trust. If they struggle, calmly hold them closer until they settle.

5. A Graceful Dismount

When it’s time to put them down, use a verbal cue like “down we go!” and bend your knees gradually, maintaining your grip until you reach ground level. Praise your dog and offer treats once the gentle pick-up and set-down are accomplished.

6. Recognize Limits

If either you or your Frenchie starts feeling panicked or stressed during the process, take a break. Forcing the lift when anxious can create setbacks in trust-building.

The “No-Go” Zones: How NOT to Lift a French Bulldog

Understanding the wrong methods to avoid fear, anxiety, or injury during the lifting process is equally crucial:

7. Provide Warnings

Never lift your Frenchie abruptly without signaling your intention. Always offer a verbal or physical cue to indicate you’re about to pick them up, fostering trust and understanding.

8. Avoid Quick or Aggressive Movements

Approach calmly and avoid sudden, aggressive grabs, as this can instill fear and make future lifts more challenging.

9. Steer Clear of Collar or Neck Grabs

Never attempt to lift a French Bulldog by their collar or scruff, as it may cause pain, bruising, or potential strangulation.

10. Don’t Grab Their Legs

Avoid gripping a Frenchie’s legs, as this can cause immediate stress on their back and potential injury to their legs or shoulders, creating fearfulness.

Mastering the art of lifting a French Bulldog involves clear communication, gentle techniques, and an understanding of what to avoid to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for both you and your furry companion.

Safe Handling Techniques for an Assertive French Bulldog

Dealing with an assertive French Bulldog requires caution to prevent accidents, as their non-cooperative nature can make them prone to mishaps during handling.

Beginning with housetraining and addressing aggressive tendencies is essential in facilitating easier handling and holding of the dog.

In the absence of proper training, it’s advisable to refrain from picking up or holding the bulldog and instead engage in playful activities.

This approach minimizes the risk of the dog slipping due to restlessness, potentially causing an accident.

An effective method to safely pick up and hold an assertive French Bulldog involves securing its feet. By prioritizing the immobilization of its legs in your lap, sudden movements can be mitigated, ensuring safer handling.

This technique proves especially useful for situations like vet appointments. Nonetheless, the primary goal remains to avoid lifting an assertive Bulldog until it has been adequately trained.

Things to avoid when picking up a frenchie 

There’s a right and a wrong way to pick up your French Bulldog. Common mistakes to avoid include:

  1. Scruff Lifting:

    While dogs may carry their puppies by the scruff, this method can be distressing and painful for adult Frenchies. It’s better to refrain from lifting them this way to ensure their comfort and relaxation.

  2. Using Collars:

    Due to their sensitivity in the neck and back area, using collars on French Bulldogs can lead to health issues if the dog constantly pulls on it.

  3. Avoid picking up your Frenchie by its collar to prevent air supply cutoff, potential choking, and damage to the trachea, which can cause severe health problems.

  4. Tail Lifting:

    Though Frenchies often have short tails, picking them up by the tail can cause discomfort, dislocation, and nerve-related pain.
    Educate children to handle the dog properly and refrain from pulling its tail to prevent potential pain and movement difficulties.

  5. Legs or Underarms:

    Lifting a French Bulldog by its legs or underarms can result in dislocation, muscle issues, and ligament damage.
    This method is uncomfortable and painful for them, increasing the risk of dropping the dog and causing long-term harm.

To ensure the well-being of your Frenchie, it’s crucial to handle them correctly, avoiding these improper lifting techniques.

Prioritize their comfort and safety by choosing appropriate methods for picking up and holding your beloved French Bulldog.

FAQs – Handling and Lifting a French Bulldog

  1. What is the safest way to pick up a French Bulldog?

    • The safest method involves supporting their chest and rear while lifting them gently, keeping their back straight and preventing any strain on their body.
  2. Is it okay to lift a French Bulldog by their scruff?

    • No, it’s not recommended to lift an adult French Bulldog by their scruff as it can cause discomfort and distress. It’s best to avoid this method.
  3. Can using a collar to lift my Frenchie harm them?

    • Yes, using a collar to lift a French Bulldog can potentially harm their neck and trachea, leading to health issues. It’s advised to avoid lifting them by the collar.
  4. Is it safe to pick up a Frenchie by their tail?

    • No, it’s not safe to pick up a French Bulldog by their tail. This action can cause pain, discomfort, and potential dislocation. It’s crucial to refrain from lifting them this way.
  5. What should I do if my French Bulldog is uncomfortable being picked up?

    • If your Frenchie is uncomfortable, it’s essential to respect their boundaries. Try positive reinforcement training to gradually acclimate them to being lifted and handled.
  6. How can I ensure my French Bulldog feels secure when being lifted?

    • Establishing trust and using gentle, supportive techniques while lifting them can help your Frenchie feel more secure. Additionally, ensuring a calm and reassuring demeanor during lifting can positively impact their comfort.
  7. Are there specific lifting techniques to avoid with French Bulldogs?

    • Yes, lifting a Frenchie by their legs, underarms, or tail should be avoided to prevent potential injuries such as dislocation, muscle problems, or discomfort.
  8. Is there an ideal age to start training a French Bulldog to be comfortable with being lifted?

    • It’s beneficial to start positive training and handling exercises early on when they are puppies, gradually introducing them to being lifted in a safe and supportive manner.

Remember, each dog is unique, so observe your French Bulldog’s comfort levels and adjust your handling techniques accordingly to ensure their well-being

In summary, There are instances where lifting your dog, particularly small breeds such as the French Bulldog, becomes essential.

Ensuring you lift your dog correctly contributes to their sense of safety and confidence.

These guidelines not only minimize the risk of accidental injuries during lifting but also promote a sense of comfort, making your dog more receptive to being picked up in the future.

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