Why my french bulldog eats poop? How to stop it ?

One peculiar behavior observed in certain French Bulldogs is their inclination to consume their own feces.

Yes, it might sound surprising! Known scientifically as coprophagia, this behavior can be rather puzzling and frankly off-putting.

However, fret not, as we aim to assist you in stopping this unappealing habit.

In this article, we will delve into the potential causes behind why French Bulldogs engage in poop eating and offer practical strategies to prevent this behavior.

Why does a young French Bulldog persist in consuming feces?

Quick answer : 

In case your Frenchie lacks essential nutrients in their diet, they might seek an unusual snack. Poor nutrition or digestive issues can lead them to crave these missing nutrients, and regrettably, they might find feces an appealing source.

Understanding and Addressing French Bulldog Puppy Poop Eating

Let’s delve deeper into why French Bulldogs, particularly puppies, exhibit the behavior of consuming not only their own waste but also that of other dogs and sometimes even cats.

Initially, it’s important to note that witnessing a Frenchie puppy eating feces should not raise immediate concern.

This behavior often commences while they are still in the litter.

This inclination stems from observing the mother, who naturally keeps the “nest” clean.

This maternal behavior is an evolutionary trait where animals clean up waste to prevent attracting predators through smell.

Puppies imitate their mother’s actions, leading them to consume feces.

However, the mother ceases this behavior once the French Bulldog puppies transition to a solid diet and can defecate outside the “nest.”

Nonetheless, certain French Bulldog puppies persist in this habit as they grow older.

They remain drawn to the scent and maintain a natural curiosity to explore and taste various substances, including feces.

Reasons Behind French Bulldog Puppy Poop Eating

Just as human babies explore their world by putting things in their mouths, puppies exhibit a similar curiosity—even if it means investigating and consuming the feces of other dogs!

Ideally, by the time a puppy is ready to join your household (typically after 8 weeks), the breeder should have taken steps to discourage poop eating.

Responsible breeders maintain a clean environment for the puppies, preventing them from developing this undesirable habit.

However, it remains a common issue that many French Bulldog owners encounter, especially during the initial months of a puppy’s arrival into their home.

Innate Instincts:

French Bulldogs retain ancestral instincts that shed light on their inclination for eating feces. Experts suggest that their wild ancestors consumed fresh stools to safeguard their pack from parasites. These primal instincts linger in our domesticated Frenchies, who may exhibit this behavior to maintain cleanliness in their surroundings.

This behavior is particularly prevalent in young puppies exploring their environment through taste and smell. Additionally, the lingering scent of their puppy food in the feces can attract them. Fortunately, most puppies tend to outgrow this habit by the age of 9-12 months.


Environmental and Behavioral Influences:

Sometimes, various environmental and behavioral factors contribute to a Frenchie’s tendency to eat feces. Feelings of isolation, boredom, or confinement in a limited space might prompt them to turn to feces for amusement or comfort.

Medical Considerations:

Although rare, coprophagia in French Bulldogs could signal an underlying medical problem like parasites, malabsorption issues, or inadequate essential nutrients in their diet. Seeking veterinary advice is crucial if a medical condition is suspected to be contributing to this behavior.

Poor Digestion and Low-Nutrient Food

If your Frenchie puppy struggles with digesting its food or consumes low-nutrient meals, this might persist into their early months. Poorly digested food often passes through their system and exits in a similar form, retaining a tempting scent and taste for the puppy.

Consider changing your puppy’s diet to higher-quality food or consult your vet if the issue persists.

Hunger Due to Intestinal Parasites

French Bulldog puppies are susceptible to intestinal parasites and worms, especially if they continue eating feces. These parasites can deplete essential nutrients from their diet, leading to persistent hunger and a search for alternative sources of nutrition, including feces.

Follow a consistent feeding schedule and deworm your puppy as recommended by your vet to address this issue.

Seeking Attention

French Bulldog puppies crave attention, and if they feel neglected, they might seek entertainment through undesirable behaviors like poop eating.

Even negative attention, such as scolding, can inadvertently reinforce this behavior as it provides the attention the puppy seeks.

Ensure your puppy receives adequate attention and positive reinforcement for desired behaviors.


Surprisingly, some French Bulldog puppies resort to eating feces out of boredom. Leaving them alone for extended periods may lead to this behavior, as these sociable dogs require companionship and stimulation.

Spend quality time engaging your Frenchie puppy in activities to alleviate boredom and prevent this behavior.

Stress and Anxiety

Stressful situations, even for puppies, can trigger feces consumption. Changes in environment, introduction of new pets, or frightening experiences can lead to stress-related behaviors like eating feces.

Monitor your puppy for signs of stress and provide a comfortable, reassuring environment to mitigate this behavior.

Attempting to Hide Evidence

Some owners inadvertently reinforce poop eating by scolding their puppies for accidents during toilet training. In response, the puppy may consume its feces to conceal the evidence and avoid further reprimands.

Avoid scolding and use positive reinforcement during toilet training to prevent this behavior.

Shoulld I be worried if my frenchie eats poop

If you have a young puppy under 8 months old, excessive worry about their feces-eating behavior isn’t necessary.

Most puppies tend to outgrow this habit naturally.

Reacting negatively to this behavior might exacerbate the situation. In the following section, I will discuss various methods on how to discourage a French Bulldog from eating its own feces. Please take a moment to review that information.

However, should you be worried about health risks associated with your Frenchie eating feces?


If your Frenchie is consuming its own feces, as distasteful as it may seem, it’s unlikely to cause significant health issues.

However, if your Frenchie is regularly consuming the feces of other animals, it could pose health risks.

Consuming feces from a different species, particularly that of another animal, can lead to parasitic infections or infectious diseases.

Additionally, there’s a risk of ingesting foreign substances like medication or other items not suitable for their digestive system.

Indications that your French Bulldog might be experiencing health issues due to feces consumption include:

Gastroenteritis: Is your Frenchie displaying signs of illness such as fever, dry heaving, or depression?

Vomiting and diarrhea: These symptoms are easily noticeable (additional reasons for vomiting can be found here).

Decreased appetite: Has your Frenchie lost interest in eating?

Lethargy: Is your French Bulldog less active and unusually tired? Presence of intestinal parasites: Are there visible worms in their feces?

If your French Bulldog, whether a puppy or an adult, continues to eat feces and exhibits any of the aforementioned warning signs, seeking immediate professional veterinary advice is highly recommended.

Preventing French Bulldog Poop Eating

Curbing your French Bulldog’s tendency to eat feces requires a multifaceted approach. To provide a comprehensive guide, I consulted a veterinarian and gathered insights from other dog owners via social media. Here are effective tips for preventing this behavior:

1. Ensure a Nutritious Diet

Feeding your Frenchie a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet is fundamental. A diet abundant in essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and protein often diminishes the inclination to consume feces.

2. Watch for Digestive Issues

Monitor your Frenchie for signs of poor digestion that might lead to increased feces consumption. Indicators include stunted growth, frequent vomiting, loose stools, or noticeable undigested food in their waste.

3. Provide Attention and Exercise

Adequate attention and exercise are crucial to prevent boredom-induced poop eating. Engage your Frenchie in regular walks and stimulating activities to keep them mentally and physically occupied.

4. Prompt Cleanup

Consistently clean up after your Frenchie to remove any feces in the yard or garden. Eliminating access to stools prevents the opportunity for inspection or ingestion. Swiftly distract your pup if they attempt to eat their feces.

5. Introduce Natural Additives

Consider adding pineapple or natural additives to their diet. Some owners find that incorporating these elements can alter the taste of their feces, discouraging consumption.

6. Use Unpleasant Tastes as Deterrents

For feces from other animals, applying foul-tasting ingredients like strong pepper or spicy sauce can dissuade consumption. This method discourages the habit through an aversion to the taste.

7. Leash During Walks

While walking young puppies prone to eating feces, keep them leashed and under close supervision. This precautionary measure helps prevent access to unwanted substances until they outgrow the habit.

8. Employ Distractions and Positive Reinforcement

Avoid scolding your Frenchie for feces consumption, as this can exacerbate the behavior. Instead, employ positive reinforcement by distracting them with toys or treats and rewarding good behavior when they refrain from eating feces.

Over time, with consistent training and positive reinforcement, most French Bulldog puppies should overcome this behavior, allowing them more freedom as they mature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about French Bulldog Poop Eating

Q1: Why do French Bulldogs eat poop?

A: French Bulldogs may eat feces due to various reasons, including innate instincts inherited from their ancestors, nutritional deficiencies, boredom, environmental factors, or underlying medical conditions.

Q2: Is it normal for French Bulldog puppies to eat their own poop?

A: Yes, it’s not uncommon for young French Bulldog puppies to engage in poop eating behavior. This behavior often diminishes as they grow older.

Q3: How can I prevent my French Bulldog from eating poop?

A: To deter poop eating, ensure your Frenchie has a well-balanced diet, monitor their digestion, provide ample attention and exercise, promptly clean up feces, introduce natural additives, use unpleasant tastes as deterrents, leash your puppy during walks, and employ positive reinforcement techniques.

Q4: Can poop eating pose health risks to my French Bulldog?

A: Eating their own feces might not pose immediate health risks, but consuming feces from other animals can lead to parasitic infections, digestive issues, or ingestion of foreign substances. If you observe signs of illness or abnormal behavior after poop consumption, consult a veterinarian.

Q5: Will my French Bulldog outgrow the habit of eating poop?

A: In most cases, French Bulldogs tend to outgrow this habit as they mature, especially with consistent training and positive reinforcement techniques.

Q6: Are there specific additives or foods that can deter poop eating?

A: Some owners suggest adding pineapple or natural additives to alter the taste of feces, while others use foul-tasting ingredients on animal feces to discourage consumption. However, effectiveness may vary among individual dogs.

Q7: Should I punish my French Bulldog for eating poop?

A: Punishment might exacerbate the behavior. Instead, focus on positive reinforcement by rewarding good behavior and employing distractions to deter them from consuming feces.

Q8: When should I seek veterinary advice regarding my Frenchie’s poop-eating behavior?

A: If you notice persistent signs of illness, abnormal behavior, or suspect underlying health issues due to poop consumption, it’s advisable to consult a veterinarian promptly for proper diagnosis and guidance.

Final Toughts 

Addressing poop-eating behavior in French Bulldogs requires a proactive approach. By focusing on a well-balanced diet, adequate attention, exercise, and prompt cleanup, owners can deter this habit.

Natural additives, deterrent tastes, and positive reinforcement techniques can aid in breaking the habit.

Vigilance for health issues and consistent training are crucial.

With patience and dedication, most French Bulldogs can outgrow this behavior, ensuring a healthier and happier life for both pet and owner.